by budget_trekking | Mar 20, 2018

Machermo is as well a small village in the Khumbu region. Machermo lies in 4470 m, north of Dole and in the same Dudh Koshi valley. Machermo is the last village before Gokyo valley and is often frequented by trekkers heading to Gokyo lakes.

The village is famous for multiple reasons; one as the rest area for travellers and another for the stories of Yeti. It is said that in 1974 Yeti killed 3 Yaks and attacked a sherpa women. Nevertheless, no outsider has yet encountered or seen a Yeti yet.

The village also homes porter protection group rescue post and is staffed by national and international medical volunteer. Although its main purpose is to advocate travellers about AMS, it as well does offer basic treatment for the travellers.