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Kathmandu city tour is the tour of the most enigmatic and unique city in the country of Nepal! Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. Furthermore, it is one of the most vibrant, colorful and chaotic, city in the country. The myths say that Kathmandu was once a very huge lake. A deity cut a gorge and drained the water out of the city making it liveable. At the moment, Kathmandu valley is a melting pot of travellers from all around the world. Nevertheless, this city is one of the most oldest and the happening cities in Nepal.

Kathmandu is a large valley which according to the legends was once a huge lake. The then huge lake is now a huge city and the biggest metropolis in Nepal. Talking about the things to see, there are several ancient temples and palaces. Furthermore, some of these ancient monuments are now UNESCO world heritage sites. On the other hand, there are several hillstations surrounding this city. Some of them include the viewpoints of Chisapani and Nagarkot. Last but not the least, this city is not just about architecture but also several other things. Othere elements include alley cycling, street food, hiking and also festivals.

Moving on, most of the Kathmandu’s historical remains in today’s day is from the Malla dynasty of around 1200 AD’s. The government restores these historical remains time and again to its original state. Uniquely, this Kathmandu city tour is available year around. Furthermore, the tour can be as short as for a day or can stretch for multiple days, depending on the time you have on hand.

Visit Nepal and be a part of our Kathmandu city tour. We will not just showcase you the rich culture but also give you insight about Nepalese history. We will not only show what a traveler needs to see, but what a traveler must see!

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