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Kathmandu valley tour is the tour of Kathmandu valley. This tour is all about Kathmandu valley, the oldest and a culturally rich city in Nepal. Furthermore, Kathmandu is also the capital city of Nepal.

Talking about Kathmandu valley, tall hills surround it from all sides. Hence, this is why people reffer it as a valley. Furthermore, Kathmandu valley consists of 3 ancient cities. Cities namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. These 3 ancient cities date back to the medieval period of Nepal. Medieval meaning, it dates back to around 15th century BC. The city till this day has seen several rulers from sevral dynasty. However, the most impactful dynasty comes from the Mallas of the 15th century. Mallas ruled all these three cities in the 15th century. As a result, these rulers left us with cultural heritages of today.

Among the heritages, the 3 Durbar sqaures are the most beautiful. Durbar means palace and square means courtyards. These purpose of designing these courtyards was for recreation of the rulers. The purspose is being served even in todays day. These ancient courtyards are beautiful because they home elements required in daily life. Meaning, these courtyards have temples, ponds, hangout spots and others. These government preserves these courtyards to its original. As a result, these prehistoric monuments are now UNESCO world heritage sites.

Kathmandu valley tour is not just about these ancient heritages. This tour also showacases old bazaars, lifestyle of locals and also culture. This city consists of several old bazaars which still continues in the ageold ways. On the other hand, Kathmandu is the home of the cultures. This tour is available throughout the year and each time you will come across a festival.

Kathmandu valley tour also takes you to the hillstations surrounding Kathmandu valley. These hillstations are stunning viewpoints to see Kathmandu city as well as the mountains. Too add up, it offers views of the high mountains on one side and the views of Kathmandu valley on the other. Also not to forget, there are several highly regarded Buddhist shrines. The shrines is inclusive of Baudhanath and Swayambhunath.

You can cycle, trek, hike and sightsee in Kathmandu valley tour. Come join us in this beautiful journey!

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Trip Code: BT 180 Total Duration: days
Destination: Kathmandu Valley Tour Best Time: All year round
Trip Grade: Easy Group Size: min 2
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