by budget_trekking | Jul 17, 2018

Godavari is the best green area close to Kathmandu. This place still is very less crowded despite being very close to the capital of the country. Godavari homes Nepal’s national botanical garden which supplies Kathmandu and Nepal with new plants and flowers. You would make your way through this very botanical garden and all the way to Phulchowki; the highest point surrounding the Kathmandu valley. Godavari also makes as a very good destination for day hikes and cycling trips.

There are few interesting things to watch and do in Godavari. It houses Godavari Kunda, where thousands of devotees flock and bathe to wash off their sins. Right next to the spring is a large Tibetan monastery namely O Sal Choling Godavari. It also houses a community forest which is maintained by the locals and is a heaven for around 300 species of birds. This is as well a favorite spot for picnic for inhabitants of Kathmandu. Last but not the least, the Shanti Ban Buddha. This large golden statue is located on the hilltop of a community forest build by the local buddhist.