by budget_trekking | Jul 17, 2018

Chovar is a small hilltop village or town located on the hill rising from the gorge which was said to be cut by the sword of Manjushri. The entire town revolves around the temple of Chovar. There are few things that you may consider seeing when you are around Chovar.

Adhinath Lokeshwor temple is a 15th century Newari temple located in Chovar. The temple is 3 stories tall and houses metal plates, cups, vessels and other utensils nailed by newly married couple to ensure happy life.

Jal Binayak Temple is a Ganesh temple built in the 16th century. This is one of the highest regarded Ganesh temples in the Kathmandu valley. The temple is 3 stories and holds the statues of Bhairav and Asta Matrika (Mother goddess). The temple as well offers beautiful views of the gorge.

Manjushri park and cave
Manjushri park is a famed picnic spot and dating sight amongst Nepalese teenagers and is nothing very fancy. However, the cave which is 3250 meters long is believed to be the longest cave in the south asia. Tourist can only go 350 meters of the cave as the entire cave is yet to be surveyed and opened for the visitors.