by budget_trekking | Mar 20, 2018

Boudhanath is considered to be the holiest shrine of followers of Buddhist religion, in the country of Nepal. The shrine is the largest single Chorten in the whole world, which was built immediately after demise of Lord Buddha.

There are many myths and scriptures stating erection of Boudhanath stupa. However, the most believed myth says it to be constructed at the time of first king of Lichhavi Dynasty namely Mandeva. The Stupa received minor damages from the earthquake of April, 2015 and is going through renovation process.

The current Boudhanath is located in the middle of hustle and bustle in the city center namely Boudha itself. The shrine is surrounded dominantly by Tibetan settlement and followers of buddhist religion. You can see prayer flags on the top of the houses, smell the fragrance of incense sticks burning and see monks in robes doing their chores day in and day out. Boudha is well known amongst national and international tourists for Tibetan flavors, hotels, coffee shops, bakeries and restaurant. It is as well good place to buy souvenir. There is a fee involved for foreign nationals to make an entrance to the periphery of Boudhanath.