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Mani Rimdu Trek is cultural trek or even a religious trek. We organize this trek only once in a year and this trek takes place in the Everest region. Mani Rimdu is a festival celebrated by Sherpa people of Everest region. Furthermore, the Sherpa people of Everest celebrate this festival in one specific place. The specific place is the Tengboche Monastery.

When is this festival celebrated ?

The locals celebrate this festival every year in the months of Autumn. However, the dates vary every year. Furthermore, the monastic community of Tengboche announces the dates every year. The community announces the date in the beginning of every lunar year.

How long does the festival last for ?

Mani Rimdu is a 19 days sequence of worshipping. Furthermore, sacred ceremonies and series of events take place in these 19 days. The main purpose of these rituals is spiritual empowerment.

Can outsider visit?

Yes ! This festival sums up with 3 days. In these 3 days, the locals celebrate with monastic community of Tengboche monastery. Furthermore, people of Sherpa community from all over Khumbu region visit Tengboche. Too add up, visitors from world take part in this celebration and receive blessings.

Come join our Mani Rimdu trek to Tengboche. This is an easy trek and this trek does not go to high altitude. Hence, with not much effort you will trek on the trails of Everest and experience the local culture. This is one of our local experience treks in Nepal that will not make you feel like tourist but a traveller. We organize this particular trek only once in a year. This is because the festival takes place only once in a year. One exciting aspect is that you will walk on the trail of Everest base camp. The trail is the same but the experience is what makes the difference.

The main purpose of the Mani Rimdu trek is to let you experience sherpa festival in Everest. You will witness prayers, dances and also rituals which is very close and sacred. Furthermore, the monks bless you with peace and well being. Finally, the celebration starts by drinking local wine which is famous by the name of Nigar. Furthermore, the local food accompanies the wine to make it a happy ending. Come join us for the next Mani Rimdu Trek!

trip overview

Trip Code: BT - 185 Total Duration: 11 days
Destination: Everest Region Best Time: October
Trip Grade: Moderate Group Size: min 2
Max Elevation: 4000 m


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