Foreign Embassies in Nepal

by Shaurab Lohani | Jul 16, 2018
Foreign Embassies in Nepal

Kathmandu hosts 25 foreign embassies and the detail of the embassies are as follows with their contact details. Please notify us if the contact details are outdated and we will update it as soon as possible.

Note: You can dial 197 and ask correct number with Nepal Telecom enquiry desk.

U S Embassy to Nepal ( Panipokhari,Kathmandu) 4445577
Australian Embassy to Nepal (Bansbari)4371678/4371466
Bangladesh Embassy to Nepal (Maharajgunj) 4372843
British Embassy to Nepal (Lainchaur) 4411590/4414588
China Embassy to Nepal (Baluwatar) 4411740/4411958
Denmark (Baluwatar) 4413010/4413020
Egypt Embassy to Nepal (Pulchowk, Lalitpur) 5524812/5520083
Finland Embassy to Nepal (Lazimpat) 4417221/4416636
French Embassy to Nepal (Lazimpat) 4418034/4412332
German Embassy to Nepal (Gyaneshwar) 4416832/4416527
Indian Embassy to Nepal (Lainchaur) 4414990/4410900
Israel Embassy to Nepal (Lazimpat) 4411811/4413419
Japan Embassy to Nepal (Pani Pokhari) 4426680
Myanmar Embassy to Nepal (Chakupat, Lalitpur) 5524788/5521788
North Korea Embassy to Nepal (Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur) 5521855/5535871
Pakistan Embassy to Nepal (Pani Pokhari) 4374024
Russia Embassy to Nepal (Baluwatar) 4412155/4411063
South Korea Embassy to Nepal (Tahachal) 4270172/4270417
Sri Lanka Embassy to Nepal (Baluwatar) 4417406/4419289
Thailand Embassy to Nepal (Bansbari) 4371410/4371411
Austrian Consulate to Nepal (Hattisar) 4410891
Consulate of Belgium to Nepal (Durbar Marg)4214760/4228925
Canadian Consulate to Nepal (Lazimpat)4415193/4415389
Consulate of Greece to Nepal (Tripureshwor) 4253651
Consulate of Hungary to Nepal (Pulchowk, Lalitpur) 4527370/4522871
Consulate of Maldives to Nepal (Durbar Marg) 4223045
Consulate of Mexico to Nepal (Pani Pokhari) 4412971
Consulate of the Netherlands to Nepal ( Lalitpur) 5523444/5522915
Consulate of the Philippines to Nepal (Sinamangal) 4478301
Consulate of Poland to Nepal (Ganabahal) 4250004/4250001
Consulate of Spain to Nepal (Battisputali) 4470770
Consulate General of Sweden to Nepal (Khichapokhari) 4220939
Swiss Consulate Agency to Nepal (Jawalakhel, Lalitpur) 5523468
Consulate of Turkey to Nepal (Bijuli Bazaar) 4224158/4221158
Consulate of Norway to Nepal (Jawalakhel) 5521646
Consulate of New Zealand to Nepal (Dillibazar) 4412436/4417077
Consulate of Brazil to Nepal 5527223
Consulate of Chile to Nepal 4221585/4225780
Consulate of Cyprus to Nepal 4225267/4226327
Consulate of Iceland to Nepal (Ramshah Path) 4420814/4420813
Consulate of Switzerland to Nepal 5523168/5523468



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