Pokhara – Chitwan – Bandipur – Ghandruk | Tour in Nepal

by budget_trekking | Jun 26, 2018
Pokhara – Chitwan – Bandipur – Ghandruk | Tour in Nepal

This is the heartthrob of the tours in Nepal as it includes 3 of the best and exquisite cities in the country namely Chitwan, Bandipur and Pokhara. The tour is overland and you will see almost all of Nepal and when we say that we mean the mountain panorama, beautiful culture and lifestyle and finally the exotic wildlife.

Our Journey begins from the capital city of Kathmandu and by being westbound towards Bandipur. Bandipur is a historical and a hill top town which falls in the western region of Nepal. The town was once a major rest stop for traders of Silk route and now a very famous touristic destination. Although there is a rising influx due to rise in interest of tourist, this place still preserves the beautiful looks of historical times. Not to forget, the sunrise and sunset from behind the snow clad mountains is priceless. Moving on from Bandipur, our next stop is the tourist capital of the county – Pokhara. Pokhara is a beautiful and clean city and also famed as city of lakes. On the other hand, the striking views of mountains in the Annapurna region come at your doorsteps. From these two hill stations we make our way to Chitwan – the largest and the most happening national parks in Nepal. Chitwan one’s a playground for the royals for big games now protects few endangered species and is a UNESCO world heritage sites.

This is one of the most striking tours in Nepal and can be rejoiced by people of any age. We believe that this tour will certainly make you fall in love with Nepal as it includes photography, culture, cuisines and the chance to view most exotic jungle safaris in the country.