Shey Gompa

by budget_trekking | Mar 30, 2018
Shey Gompa

Shey Gompa is the the highest regarded pilgrimage for followers of Buddhist religion. This is considered to be the Mecca for Buddhists. The infrastructure of this gompa is modest but the statues in it are very expensive.

According to mythology people tried to built this Gompa in some different place. People would built the Gompa all the day and demons would come and destroy it in the evening. So people visited Guru Rimpoche and guru suggested people to built the Gompa in Shey which happens to be guarded by the mountains from all sides. Hence, people followed the words of Guru Rimpoche and built the Gompa in current location.

The gompa holds unique festival in every september and organizes a grand festival in every 12 years. This grand festival is celebrated in the year of dragon on lunar calendar and by inviting Rinpoches from the surrounding gompas. Buddhist flock from all over to Shey Gompa to attend this once in a lifetime festival.