by budget_trekking | Jul 17, 2018

Kirtipur is a town that is located around 5 kilometers south of Kathmandu city. The city is very laid back and the dominant settlers of this city are Newari people. The city houses traditional house, bricked alleys and most importantly, architecturally rich temples that date back to centuries. Kirtipur was a very important city at the time of unification of Nepal. There are several things to see in Kirtipur and few of them are:

  • Bagh Bhairav temple
    Bagh Bhairav temple is located on the north side of main square, in Kritipur. The temple is pagoda style and displays the historical swords and shields belonging to the defeated soldiers from Prithivi Narayan shah’s time.  Despite some scratches from the earthquake, this temple is still strikingly beautiful and worth the watch.
  • Main Square
    This once was a hangout spot for Kirtipur royals and now a common place for the locals and the visitors. The square is surrounded by the old houses and the newar communities. In the center of the courtyard is a whitewashed narayan temple and a large water tank, guarded by lion statues and griffons.
  • Uma Maheshwor temple
    Uma Maheshwor temple is located in Kirtipur and is a three storied temple. The temple was built in 1600 century and was slightly affected by the 1934 earthquake but survived the 2015. There are two stone elephants on the door of the temple.There are few other things to watch like the Thailand built Sri Kirti Vihar, 16th century Lohan Dehar and the 15th century Chilanchu Vihara.