The Blue Emerald: Shey Phoksundo

by Yugantar Paudel | Mar 08, 2018
The Blue Emerald: Shey Phoksundo

Water always fascinates us (unless you are hydrophobic). And rather than static,
we like things calm, in a state of peace. And by peace, we relate it to blue-the blue
sky, serene and calm.

What if you were told, sky isn’t the only blue peaceful entity, and you’d find peace
just by looking at a big pond of water, high up, and in totally undisturbed by
humans? If I were you, I’d jump off to the place. Well, now you’ve heard it.
Yes, there is a lake at an elevation of 3611m from sea level. In the district Dolpa,
with lowest population density, this Lake Shey Phoksundo is sure to steal your
heart. It is the chief attraction of world heritage site ‘Shey Phoksundo National
Park’ ranging elevation of roughly 2,310m to 6,885m from sea level.

Shey Phoksundo Lake was declared as a Ramsar Site (wetland) in 2007AD. As
much importance does it hold ecologically, more beautiful and peaceful it is to the
eyes. The lake on the southern end has a 40,000 year old landslide dam, from
which a beautiful 167m high waterfall begins the journey.

On the same southern dam, lies the old village of Ringmo, and the lake, has 20
stupas (Buddhist shrines) on the southern belt, and one gompa on the eastern

The sound of daily Buddhist prayers and the sight of this blue exquisiteness, will
always be a treat to your eyes, ear and mind.
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